Eco-park "The water mills"

Varna, Bulgaria

The Ecopark "Vodenitsite" ("The Water-mills")  is a protected area, located between villages of Sladka Voda, Cherni Vrah, Arkovna, Kamen Dyal and Boryana. The area is habitat for many bird species, including the Egyptian vulture, Golden eagle, Raven gravedigger. Other representatives of the animal kingdom, living in the area are: foxes, deer, jackals and martens. Hunting is strictly prohibited. In the area could be found more than 10 caves and rock crevices ("Kozyata Cave", "Patchata cave", "Hermit`s Cave", "Murche hole Cave", etc.). Some of the rocks reaching a height of 40 meters and are suitable for climbing. The Eco-park is well maintained. Thera are built gazebos, fountains and bridges. Several trails lead to the most remarkable sites in the area. Point of Interest are the numerous waterfalls of varying height (up to 15m).