Rock phenomenon "The wonderful rocks"

Varna, Bulgaria

Rock-phenomenon "The Wonderful Rocks" is located 4 km away from village of Asparuhovo (Dulgopol municipality), near the road Provadia - Aitos, on the shore of Tsonevo dam. The natural phenomenon is disposed at an area of ​​12.5 hectares and consists of 3 arrays of steep cliffs with a height of 40-50 m. Soaring above the lake, they look like towers of the castle. These strange formations have arisen from the nature (the water, sun and wind) on the limestone cliffs, that here are not a monolithic blocks. There are dug tunnels through each of the rock "towers" and there passes a road made of broken stones. The view from the main road to "Wondrous Rocks" and Tsonevo is amazing and very often there can be seen tourists, photographers or people who just stopped to enjoy the beauty.