Memorial complex Petrova niva

Burgas, Bulgaria

The area of "Petrova niva" is located north of the village of Stoilovo (municipality of Malko tarnovo). It is known as place where in 1903 was held a meeting of VMRO (Secret Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization) and when a decision for the Preobrazhenie uprising was taken. The rebellion was scheduled to rise together with the Ilinden uprising (in Macedonian region) and aims joining of Eastern Thrace, Aegean Thrace and Strandja to Bulgaria. The uprisings failed but it remained the high point in fights for the National Liberation of the Macedonian and Thracian Bulgarians. In honor of the heroes from the uprising, in the late 50-ies of XX century, there was built a monument and a museum. In museum are exhibited documents, pictures and antique weapons related with the rebellion. In 2003 (100th anniversary of the event) was built a church named St. Petka. The Memorial complex in the area of "​​Petrova Niva" is included in the list of The hundred National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.