Sreburna Natural Reserve

Silistra, Bulgaria

The Biosphere Reserve Srebarna is located 2 km south of the Danube river near village with the same name (Srebarna) in the municipality of Silistra. The reserve includes the lake of Srebarna and its surroundings - about 660 hectares guarded area and buffer zone of about 540 hectares. The reserve houses 22 rare vulnerable or endangered species of animals and plants under the European red list of globally threatened animals and plants and 149 species under the Red Book of Bulgaria. Here can be seen 41 species of mammals, 11 reptiles and 10 amphibians, 24 species of fish, and this, which is most famous for the Srebarna reserve are 221 species of birds nesting here. Among these are Dalmatian pelican, pygmy cormorant, glossy ibis, spoonbill, mute swan, Ferruginous Duck, lesser white-fronted goose, red-breasted goose, greylag goose, duck, duck-hawk, sinyogushka, "mustakat" tit. Here is the only in Bulgaria nest habitat of great white heron. Around the Reserve was created eco-path, in which route were built sites for relaxation and bird-watching.