Fortress Petlyuka

Sofia (province), Bulgaria

The exit point for the fortress Petluka is the village of Gurgulyat, which is situated 8 kilometers south-west from the Slivnitza town. The village can be reached by bus from the town, and after that with 30 minutes walking in east direction, the fortress can be reached. Among the green and round hills of Viskiar Mountain, a place like in the Alps can be found. The east side of the river where the hill Petluka Stone is rising is really quite impressive. Exactly there was the fortress. Fortress walls are still preserved, with height of 1.20 meters and width 1.50 meters. In the center of the fortress there is a well, which is 8 meters deep now after the diggings. In the slope of the hill is the cave Petluka. From its narrow entrance, a narrow gallery can be found, leading to another which is impenetrable. It is thought that once it was leading to a small underground hall, which was connected to the fortress.