Agatopolis Fortress

Burgas, Bulgaria

The remains of the fortress Agatopolis (from Greek - "agatos" - good, and "polis" - town) are located on the cape which is the most eastern part of the modern town of Ahtopol. The ancient town of Agatopolis was founded in 430 BC. from the Athens as the "Polity" (independent city-state) and in these times here was an Athenian colony (klehuriya). During the kingdom of Odritite, the town retains its independence and enlarge its economical power. From the middle of I century the town is part of the Roman Empire and become militarized fortified settlement with a port. In the following centuries the castle was under Byzantine or under Bulgarian rule. Today from the fortress Agatopolis are remained only parts of the wall and the entrance of the fortress (dating back to the V-VI century), which reached 7-8 meters in height. In archeological excavations near the ruins of this early-medieval wall was found remains of a Thracian wall made of big stones with mud and cultural layers from the early I centyry BC. In 1971 the fortress in the town of Ahtopol is declared monument of culture.