Church St.Dimitar

Burgas, Bulgaria

The St. Dimitar Church in village of Brashlyan was built in XVII century at place where in the ancient a Thracian sanctuary existed. The Church has the typical Predvazrojdenski style of the local religious architecture and was digged into the ground to comply the orders of the Turkish government about the Christian buildings. The church is very impressive and saturated with energy and mystique. There are intertwined pagan and Christian elements. In the pulpit of the church was built an altar dedicated to Zeus-Dionysus. There is an inscription in ancient Greek engraved on a marble block. It was made by the priest Likomed (Great priest of Dionysus Big Bakheyon): "I, Likomed, son of Herst, priest of the great bakhion, erected in honor of the god Zeus-Dionysus this altar, because of the my children, because of the honor I received, because of my own Misty". Blessed Dionysus, save them". Two of the candlesticks are built also over the ruins of ancient columns. Visitors to the church "St. Dimitar" in the village of Brashlyan say there is a strongly energy radiation around the church, similar to this in Rupite locality, where the monastery complex around the church of Vanga was built.Church of St. Dimitar in village of Brashlyan was declared a monument of culture.