Partisan memorial

Varna, Bulgaria

The memorial of the 18 shot young partisans (members of REMS organization) and their young supporters is located about 200 meters west of the village of Partizani (Dulgopol municipality), near the road to town of Shumen. The monument  was erected on 15 June 1958 and is a work of stonemasons from the village of Tsarevets, Vratsa region, under the guidance of architect S.Hristov. The construction works continues about a year. The monument is built of concrete blocks and its high point rises about 10 meters. At the frontal side of the monument is placed a statue of a young partisan. On the left and right sides of the concrete structure is engraved a text: "He who fell in battle for the freedom - never die" and there is a bas-relief image of a red flag. The monument is a memorial ossuary and there are kept the bone of the eighteen partisans and their supporters, who were shot in the woods near the village of Partizani. The chests with bone are placed in a hall inside the memorial, and over each there is a plaque with the name of the dead hero.