Bishop Temple "St.Nicholas"

Vratsa, Bulgaria

Church "Saint Nicholay" in the town of Vratsa was built in period 1865 - 1867. In the temple are kept the relics of the first bishop of Vratsa after the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule, and this is the reason why the temple is called bishop. The church has beautiful frescoes and icons, some of them painted by Stanislav Dospevski (in 1874). G.Zhelyazkov and K. Kashev. The iconostasis was made in 1887 by master Anton Stanishev from town of  Debar (Macedonia). Part of the church icons are of The Cyril and Methodius, St. Knyaz Boris, Prepodobna Paraskeva, and others. At the dome is painted The God, and underneath are the four evangelists.