"St.Marina" monastery

Varna, Bulgaria

The Monastery "St. Marina" (aka "The monastery of Dobrudzhantsi") is located east of the village of Botevo (Varna region), about 35 km. away from city of Varna, near the border between Varna and Dobrich districts. The monastery can be reached by the main road Varna - Dobrich and then the fork  (about 6-7 km. before village of Stojer) to the villages of Krumovo and Botevo. The monastery church is called also "St. Marina" and dates from 1884. Near it there is a spring, on which were built two baths - for male and female. Once the temple festival of the monastery was very esteemed and frequented by people from all over Dobrudja region. They went first to the chapel to light a candle and pray for health and in memory of relatives, and then drank a water from the pools for health. In the past there was also a large fest there. After September 9 and the coming of the rule of the communist regime in Bulgaria, the monastery "St. Marina" was gradually declined. Nowadays it was rebuilt and renovated, thanks to Varna and Velikopreslavski Metropolitan Kirill and thanks to the financial assistance to local residents. The Monastery "St. Marina" provides conditions for sleeping of the guests, but the tourists must be accompanied by a priest and a preliminary agreement with the management of the monastery is needed.